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Megan Sharples is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with textiles, film, poetry and installation. Their work explores identity expression, gender politics and mental health representation, using autobiographical documentation and text alongside hand-crafted textile pieces to create kitsch environments in which everything belongs. Through depictions of personal struggles, Megan works to make sense of their own queer experience, both for themselves and for the viewer. This practice has become a form of therapy; the process of making by hand an act of self-care, introspection and connection. The hand-crafted elements within the work leave a ‘touch of the hand’, a way of integrating themself into each piece, creating a more physical sense of self. 


During their Masters in Fashion at the Royal College of Art, Megan began exploring a more object-based conceptual art practice, finding it helpful to explore identity away from the physical body.

Exhibitions & Collaborations

Evening Standard Art Prize - Cromwell Place, London [2023]

curated by Sophia Olver

Turboflai- Koppel Project Mayfair, London [2023]

curated by Art Haxhijakupi for the Koppel Project

Studio 26 - Koppel Project Station, London [2023]

Dancing on the Ceiling - Royal Albert Hall, London [2023]

a collaborative project with Sue Mayo, the Royal Colleged of Art, the RAH and Blackfriars Settlement

Creative Resilience - Yard Life Gallery, Glasgow [2022]

 curated by Marianne Vosloo & Michaela McManus

What About MeBeckenham Place Mansion, London [2021]

in collaboration with film-maker Lois Stevenson


MA Fashion Knitwear - Royal College of Art

[Graduated September 2022]

BA Textiles: Knit - Chelsea College of Art, UAL

[Graduated July 2015]

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